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Дата публикации 14.12.2023

Возможности интерактивных презентаций AhaSlidesна занятиях по иностранному языку

Колмакова Виктория Сергеевна
Старший преподаватель кафедры Иностранные языки, Севастопольский государственный университет, РФ, г. Севастополь, vskolmakova@sevsu.ru

Аннотация: В статье обсуждается потенциал применения интерактивных презентаций AhaSlides на занятиях по иностранному языку, а также раскрываются функциональные возможности этого ресурса. Далее проведен анализ преимуществ и недостатков использования данного сервиса в образовании и приведены примеры применения, позволяющие учитывать потребности учеников, что приводит к повышению вовлеченности студентов и как следствие улучшение языковой подготовки и академической успеваемости. Результаты этой работы имеют значение как теоретически, так и практически, поскольку они позволяют расширить знания о процессе формирования коммуникативной компетентности на английском языке через использование интерактивных презентаций AhaSlides на занятиях, а также эти результаты могут быть применены в учебных курсах по теории и методике преподавания иностранных языков.
Ключевые слова: обучение иностранному языку, интерактивная презентация AhaSlides, вовлеченность студентов, академическая успеваемость.

Umbrella possibilities of AhaSlides interactive presentations in foreign language class

Kolmakova Viktoria Sergeevna
Senior lecturer of Foreign languages department, Sevastopol State University, Russia, Sevastopol

Abstract: The article tackles the potential application of AhaSlides interactive presentations in foreign language classes, as well as the functional capabilities of this resource. Furthermore, an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of using this service in education is provided, along with examples, allowing teachers to cater to the unique learning needs of their students, enhance students’ engagement, ultimately leading to improved learning outcomes and academic performance. Theoretical and practical significance of the paper is well justified as the results may mold knowledge of English-speaking communicative competence through umbrella possibilities of interactive presentations AhaSlides in practical foreign language classes; as well the empirical evidence can be applied in courses on the theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages.
Keywords: foreign language teaching, AhaSlides interactive presentations, students’ engagement, academic performance.

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Колмакова В.С. Umbrella possibilities of AhaSlides interactive presentations in foreign language class // Мир педагогики и психологии: международный научно-практический журнал. 2023. № 12 (89). Режим доступа: https://scipress.ru/pedagogy/articles/vozmozhnosti-interaktivnykh-prezentatsij-ahaslidesna-zanyatiyakh-po-inostrannomu-yazyku.html (Дата обращения: 14.12.2023)

The main challenge of a modern higher education teacher is to maintain the quality of education. Since foreign language teaching involves sustained student-teacher interaction, specialized interactive platforms are universal tools for engaging the audience in collaboration, creating intrinsic motivation, and developing critical thinking. AhaSlides is one of the successful examples of such a platform, which allows to energize collaboration, engage the audience in the process of foreign language communication due to gamification elements and wide functionality of the service and, as a result, stimulate students' academic performance [1], [2].

Further, the basic principle of AhaSlides is to be examined. AhaSlides stand for Attract, Hook, and Anchor, can be particularly effective in teaching foreign languages.

Attract: The first step in using AHA slides to teach a foreign language is to attract students' attention. This can be done by using visually appealing images, colors, and fonts. For instance, using colorful pictures of famous landmarks or cultural symbols from the target language can pique students' interest and motivate them to learn more.

Hook: Once you have captured students' attention, it is important to hook them by presenting key vocabulary and phrases in a clear and engaging manner. Using simple and concise language on the slides, along with audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing the words, can help students grasp the new language more effectively. Incorporating interactive elements such as fill-in-the-blank exercises or matching games can also keep students engaged and motivated.

Anchor: Finally, it is important to anchor the new language in students' minds by providing context and real-world examples. This can be achieved by using slides to present dialogues, short stories, or videos in the target language. Additionally, incorporating cultural insights or practical information about the language can help students understand the relevance of what they are learning and how they can use it in real-life situations.

Thus, AhaSlides is a digital tool for creating interactive presentations with polls, word clouds, open-ended questions and other types of slides that your audience can interact with synchronously and asynchronously using their mobile devices. Possible types of question presentation answers can be singled out an open response, scale score, ranking of answers within 100%, multiple choices (one or several) and an opinion cloud. Whenever you need to interact between participants and create a favorable atmosphere in your foreign language classes, you can use this platform: to introduce the topic at the beginning of the lesson; to introduce new material based on dynamic presentations with the inclusion of the service's functionality; to consolidate lexical or grammatical material in the form of quizzes; to control the mastering of the material; to track students’ performance managing formative assessment; to make surveys, compiling "tag clouds"; to get feedback [6].

It can be used as an icebreaker activity at the beginning of a new school year, a new semester, or during a team building session. Ice-breaker" is a short game that aims to establish interaction between participants and create a positive atmosphere in the lesson. These games are useful for the first lesson or in any situation where there is tension between you and a student. If one compares and digital ice breakers, traditional ice breakers typically involve activities such as name games, group activities, or getting-to-know-you questions. They are often done in person and require physical interaction among participants.

On the other hand, ice breakers via AhaSlides are digital ice breakers that can be conducted remotely. They can include interactive polls, quizzes, or word clouds that engage participants virtually. AhaSlides offers a variety of interactive features, such as live Q&A and slide commenting, which can help break the ice, encourage participation and create a group dynamic in an online setting [5].

Traditional ice breakers rely on physical presence and interaction, while ice breakers via AhaSlides take advantage of digital tools and virtual communication to engage participants and to bond in a whole new way. Both types of ice breakers aim to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for participants, but they differ in their approach.

Moreover, ice-breakers on an interactive basis will help to set the mood of students and prepare them for active thinking. To do this, you need to register on the platform www.ahaslides.com by creating an account and create your presentation based on the templates offered. You also need a screen that shows the slides of the presentation and mobile devices in the audience that have access to the Internet. The screen can be a projector screen in case of classroom work, or a monitor screen in case of remote work.

An opinion cloud allows you to create an inclusive comfortable atmosphere. For instance, when you pose a question “How are you feeling”, one answer with one or two words and you get a word cloud with the most frequent answers written in larger letters. As well you can gather the expectations of the participants “Liars and detective” or get to know each other in a large group “Guess favorite thing” (picture 1).

Picture 1. Some options for questions on the presentation slides

Next, let us turn to the role of surveys, quizzes, and feedback in the educational process. Surveys focus the educational process on the joint actions of the teacher and students to achieve learning goals and orient to a specific result. From empirical observations, animated graphs, clouds, and charts elicit active audience feedback. Above all, feedback can be multidirectional: teacher - learner, learner - learner, learner - teacher. In our opinion, feedback is crucial not only for the student, but also for the teacher. Alternatively, AhaSlides allows making a formative assessment by creating polls, surveys, and quizzes to gauge students' understanding and gather feedback. This will help teachers to tailor English lessons and cater to the diverse needs of their students.

Hence, one of the key benefits of using AhaSlides in English lessons is the ability to create customized quizzes and polls that are tailored to the needs and interests of the students. This allows teachers to gauge the understanding of the material and tailor their lessons accordingly. Additionally, the platform allows for real-time feedback, enabling teachers to monitor student progress and address any areas of concern.

Furthermore, AhaSlides offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible for learners of all levels. The platform also allows for seamless integration with other digital tools, such as Google Slides and PowerPoint, making it easy for teachers to incorporate AhaSlides into their existing lesson plans [4].

Incorporating AhaSlides into English lessons can also help to foster a collaborative and engaging learning environment. The platform allows for interactive discussions and group activities, which can help to improve students' speaking and listening skills. Additionally, the interactive nature of the platform can help to keep students engaged and motivated, ultimately leading to better learning outcomes [7].

However, there are certain disadvantages:

  • not suitable for all types of presentations: Aha slides may not be the best option for presentations that require a lot of detailed information, complex data analysis, or interactive elements;
  • dependency on internet connection: Aha slides is an online platform, so users may encounter difficulties if they have a poor internet connection;
  • limited collaboration features: Aha slides may not offer as robust collaboration features as other presentation software, making it difficult for multiple users to work on a presentation simultaneously;
  • free version limits the number of participants to 7 people.

Overall, AhaSlides offers a versatile and engaging platform that can be a valuable addition to English lessons. Its interactive features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with other digital tools make it an attractive option for both teachers and students. By incorporating AhaSlides into their lessons, English language teachers can create a dynamic and interactive learning environment that fosters language development and engagement and, consequently, improves academic performance [3].

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